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We provide top quality mannequins for sale or hire. Be it ready-made, made-to-order mannequins or other tailored services, our team is sure to satisfy all your mannequin needs.

We pride ourselves as Singapore’s top mannequin distributor with an edge. We produce mannequins in environmentally-conscious ways, developing a niche by combining traditional craftsmanship and modern production techniques. We continually advance our products in terms of manufacturing, craftsmanship and finishing.

Collaboration & Consultancy

From tailoring of mannequins to designing a retail or exhibition space, we have your back. With the right set-up, mannequins are not only functional tools but come to life, adding magic to the environment. We provide customized consultation services, whatever your desired aesthetic - corporate, modern, edgy, vintage, dynamic... The possibilities are endless.

Let our experienced team help you realise your vision and flesh out the full beauty of your works or merchandises. Get expert advice on visual merchandising, display planning and mannequin customisation.

We are always on the lookout for opportunities to collaborate. Get in touch and get inspired.

Past Partnerships

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We are a registered trading partner of Government Electronic Business (GeBIZ), Singapore.

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