Professional Male Lower Body Dress Form (PRE-ORDER)


All our dressmakers’ forms, tailor’s dummies and legs for trousers making are provided with the classic black wheelable metal base which is the stablest base to work on. The height can also be adjusted. As a symbol of quality , all our dressmaker’s forms and tailor’s dummies are printed with the black The Mannequin's logo.

  • Industry grade professional lower body dress form
  • Fully pinnable
  • Made to work on trousers prototypes.
  • Supported by a sturdy metal wheelable base
  • Package Includes: 1 lower body tailor dummy, 1 wheel stand
* Student price is available for eligible customers. A valid student ID must be presented prior to purchase. Please use the form below or contact us directly.

Measurements (CM)*   SIZE 
Waist: 75
Hip: 87.5
Butt: 90
Thigh: 53
Height: 107
Waist: 78
Hip: 88.5
Butt: 93
Thigh: 56
Height: 113
Waist: 82
Hip: 91
Butt: 98
Thigh: 57
Height: 113

* These measurements can vary of 1 cm because of the handcrafting and because of the paper reaction.


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